Welcome to the Web Site of Dr. Karen Bamber, Pediatrician.

It is very important for you to read through this prior to your appointment. This explains how to find the office, what you need to bring to the appointment and cancellation fees.

If you have any questions about your visit, please call the office back.



The office is located at 201-20641 Logan Avenue, Langley, V3A 7R3 (At the corner of Logan Avenue/206th Street/56th Avenue). We used to be at 203.

Phone number: 604-534-2900      Fax number: 604-533-2905

The office can be difficult to find.

Not all on line map services or GPS Systems are accurate.

We are located in the middle of three 2-storey professional buildings on the second floor. Google Street View can help.

Dr Bamber works hard to run her office on time so please ensure plenty of time to reach the office taking into account weather conditions and traffic/road work.

If you are late for your appointment, we may have to reschedule you. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please let us know as far in advance as possible so that another patient can be scheduled in to your spot.

Siblings accompanying you to the appointment can stay in the waiting room if they can quietly supervise themselves. Otherwise, they need to come into the room with you. Younger or multiple siblings can be quite disruptive so if at all possible please arrange for someone to babysit them at home. Please do not bring your daycare if you run one.

Due to ongoing concerns about the transmission of germs in doctor's offices, we have elected not to have toys in our waiting room. We do have a variety of children's books.




If you are coming to see Dr. Bamber about anything other than a physical problem, please read the following very important information. (This includes any school problem, any behavioural problem, any emotional problem including anxiety and depression, autism, developmental concerns, Tourettes, tics etc.)


Dr Bamber needs to review your child's school records at the appointment. There should be 3-4 per year. 

    If your child is in middle school or high school

            *marks/comments for all middle and high school years and

            *report cards from the last 2-3 years of elementary school.

        If your child is in elementary school

            *last 2-3 years' report cards.

    If your child is in grade 1 or KG

            *all report cards

            *a letter from the teacher would also be helpful.

As well she needs any assessments that have been done in school. These include Psychoeducational Assessments, Behavioural Assessments, Speech and Language Assessments, Behaviour Rating Scales etc.

If you do not know where your copies are, please ask your child's current school for copies as they will have a complete set. Please give the school reasonable notice and if your school charges for photocopying it is your responsibility to pay the fees. Dr Bamber does not need samples of school work or the child's school agenda. Please DO NOT fax school records to the office.

Please note that any foreign language documents need to be in written translated form. 




Most first time visits are booked for 30-60 minutes. Occasionally end of day appointments may last for a bit longer. Please allow a few extra minutes at the start of the appointment to fill out some paperwork. Generally Dr Bamber will speak to you and your child together in the office. If you wish to speak to her alone first, please let her know.

Please do not bring food or drinks into the office.



    Please remember that it is your responsibility to remember your appointments.

Cancellation Fees

(Some exceptions may apply.)

Fees are payable for missed appointments or appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice (with some exceptions). Fees are payable for appointments when you arrive too late to be seen. Fees are due before a new appointment will be booked. Fees are due even if you chose not to rebook. We accept cash or bank certified cheque or bank money order. We do not accept personal cheques, debit, Visa etc. There is no charge if you appear for your appointment.

        15 minute appointment                        $25

        1/2 hour follow up                               $75

        45 minute follow up                             $100

        1/2 hour or 45 minute rereferral           $125

        1/2 hour or 45 minute new referral       $125

        1 hour new referral or rereferral           $150

        1 1/4 hour new referral                        $175

        1 1/2 hour new referral                        $200                        


The final step before your appointment is to call her office, around a week before the appointment, to let her MOA know that you have read through this Web Site and will be at the appointment. Take this opportunity to ask her MOA any other questions that you might have.



Dr Bamber looks forward to seeing you and your child.